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AUCET 2006 Model Question Paper


1. For all Tests, except Test Nos. 221 (Quantitative Economics), 209 (Fine Arts) and 217 (Performing Arts) the candidate has to answer 90 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes (one hour). Each question contains four alternative answers (1 to 4). The candidate must mark the answer on OMR Sheet and should not answer any where else on the Test booklet.

2. The 90 questions are spread over three parts, viz., A,B & C. Part A contains 40 questions(40 marks); Part B contains 30 questions (30 marks) and Part C contains 20 questions (20 marks).

3. (a) Test No. 221-Quantitative Economics comprises of 4 Parts A, B, C and D. Each Part contains 45 questions (45 marks) Candidate has to answer Part A compulsorily and any one of the Parts B, C or D. Total 90 questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

(b) Test No. 209-Fine Arts comprises of written and practical examinations. For written examination the test booklet contains 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. The practical examination is of 270 minutes duration and for 150 marks. The practical examination will be held for Painting(50 marks - 90 minutes); Drawing (50 marks - 90 minutes)and Sculpture(50 marks - 90 minutes)

(c) Test No. 217 - Performing Arts in Theatre Arts comprises of written test and aptitude test. The written test is based on 90 multiple choice questions for 90 marks to be answered in 60 minutes. The aptitude test (for 90 marks) will be conducted by the department of Theatre Arts.

4. Every wrong answer entails a deduction of 1/4 mark from the marks obtained for correct answers.

PART-A 40 Marks

1. The Scattering cross section has dimension of

(a) Volume (b) Area (c) Density (d) Length

2. The molecule with the largest X-P-X bond angle is (X=Halogen)

(a) PF3 (b) PCl3 (c) Pl3 (d) PBr3

PART-B 30 Marks

41. In an irreversible process, the entropy of a system

(a) Remains constant (b) Decreases (c) Increases (d) Becomes infinite

42. The Great Bath was discovered at

(a) Mohenjadaro (b) Harappa (c) Kalibangan (d) Lothai

PART-C 20 Marks

71. Table 'A' of Companies Act gives

(a) A model minute book (b) A model form of balance sheet

(c) A model memorandum of association (d) A model articles of association

72. Monopoly means

(a) Single seller (b) Many sellers (c) Few sellers (d) A few buyers and many sellers.

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